Where Did I Leave Him?






He was here yesterday. I know he has to be around here somewhere. Where can he be? I mean, honestly he was here and then he was gone!



Hmmm, maybe I accidently left him in the kitchen. Maybe in a drawer somewhere? 



Maybe I left him in my closet. I really need to find him. Can you help me? 


This seems to be our average thought process when it comes to God. We keep looking for him externally as if he is under a rock somewhere. We turn our lives upside down  trying to find him. We read every book, follow every person who says they know where he is at.

All the while, there is a spot at your core where he can dwell. You only need invite him in. Then you will never have to look for him again because he will be with you always.

  • Matthew 28:20 ………I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

The biggest misunderstanding is that we think God is external. God is internal once we are saved. Once we are dedicated to him, we become one with him, our bodies become living, breathing temples of the Holy Spirit. 

Ah! There he is! 



2 thoughts on “Where Did I Leave Him?

  1. Good blog, I never have to look for God I always know right where he is in my life…It took awhile to learn once I put him first all other aspects of my life fall into place. That is the key of why I always want to make sure I know where he is, I tried life on my own, it works better when I know right where HE is!!!!!!

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