New Look New Theme



Well, here we go! A new format a new time in life! TLC is moving on up. With new followers, a new direction and a global interest, we are revamping what we do here. I am excited about the change and yet there are some things we need to clear up right up front. First off, the TLC blog of the past had some pretty good stuff to it. We’ll be posting the best of moments because many of you come back to read it time and time again and some of it, even though I am the writer, was not authored by me, but God breathed and I don’t want to lose that. 

Second, the old blog had about 100+ readers on average a day. We were able to reach a lot of people. What was cool about it was that I got a lot of email questions that I answered offline because well, it was sent that way. We aren’t going to do that the same way anymore. I think lots of the advice I gave and dialogue we shared needs to be shared with others. I don’t believe that we go through things alone or that we are the only ones going through a situation. Since the bible says there is nothing new under the sun, then only the faces and places change. The problems and triumphs are universal. So we are going more towards a help blog and a less about me blog. Yes, you’ll hear a lot less about my boring existence and a whole lot more about your exciting life and how God is working things out for all of us. So notice at the top of the page that there is a place to ask a question. Feel free to be anonymous, the point is to get your question answered. Then we can all discuss it. 

Third, we will be put on the soon to be published Oasis Internet site so you’ll be seeing a lot more about our local community and how it impacts ministry globally. I am looking forward to sharing a lot more about what we do as a church and not just about what the women’s ministry does. 

Lastly, if there is a blog that was particularly meaningful to you then let me know. There may be some things that I missed in gathering the information together. I am excited to be launching this new blog and being part of something bigger than myself. Let’s move on to greater things!

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