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The Back Pew Guy, Jeff Larson, is a daily read for me. He’s a great writer, he’s funny and has the best cartoons! He sees things from a different perspective and that always makes me think and smile. Today I have posted one of his articles, as well as the link to sign up to receive his email. I think you’ll like him and I think you’ll agree with his perspective.

Getting what I DESERVE!

Simply I deserve the BEST. I deserve all that life can offer, and more! I
deserve a wonderful wife, kids that make me smile, dogs that don’t eat food
off my kitchen counter, and a cat that does NOT hack up hair balls. I
deserve true friends, a healthy family, a rich church heritage, and I
deserve HEAVEN.

You may be wondering if have been sippin’ on the ‘Name It, Claim It’
koolaid. Hmmm maybe I am… and maybe I am a ‘Prosperity Gospel’ believer
too. I have never spoke in tongues, but who knows.. I might give it a

So while I have never been on TV, and I live a quiet existence on the
frozen tundra of Maple Grove Mn. But.. I want to get what I deserve!.

I do work hard though I continue to make mistakes daily.. maybe on the
hour, BUT I DESERVE God’s grace and blessings in my life in a way that are
BEYOND MY DREAMS. This means I don’t have to live in regret of past
mistakes, and what the devil (there really is one) plans for bad in my

God can use and bless in ways that I never saw coming.

I deserve God’s grace because He says I do, and because He is good and
kind, and PERFECT.. my sins are forgiven and are only the past, and the
past should be a memory free from pain that can now encourage me about this
complete forgiveness, and this grace realized for myself and others.

No more hiding of sins.. no more hiding my faults.. I DESERVE better than
this. So when I fall, and I might just fall again this very hour.. I will
get up.. I will do my best, and I will trust in God while motivated by my
desire to Love God with all my soul, heart, and mind, and to love others as
I love myself.

You see I DESERVE a life uncluttered by thoughts and worries focused on
me. I DESERVE a life free from guilt, and not reluctant to ask for

I DESERVE the very best in life.. PROSPERITY measured in service..
HAPPINESS uncluttered by circumstances, a CLEAR CONSCIENCE because of God’s
limitless grace.

Now most of you probably do not let your mind wander in circles like mine
obviously does like a hamster in a wheel, but for those who are tired,
depressed, sick, burdened with the weight of the world.. YOU DESERVE
MORE. You deserve the best that God has to offer. His best for you may or
may not be fame and fortune, health and adventure… but HIS BEST which you
deserve is the peace and perspective that passes all understanding or any

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it helps calm the nerves… BUT
whether rich or poor, famous or obscure, fat or skinny, or any other nook
or cranny of this world’s class system.. we can be content… and living
unafraid, and enjoying the lives we have in ways that are beyond what we
have yet to experience. I forget (ironically) but there was some study that
says we use a very miniscule part of our brain.. well I believe we as
believers experience too often only a fraction of the blessings God wants
us to experience… and only a fraction of the blessings WE DESERVE.

May God bless each of us with lives blessed by God in ways that are NEVER
limited by our abilities, but are truly BLESSED BEYOND OUR DREAMS and as
God intends, and what WE DESERVE as his children.


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