Stuck Without Choices


Feeling stuck?
Ask yourself these questions:
Are you in prison?
Were you sold into slavery?
Are you a hostage?
Will you be killed if you make a choice?

If the answer is no then ask yourself these questions:
Am I lazy?
Is it easier to make excuses?
Am I scared?
Is it easier to be a victim than to be victorious?

See no one in freedom is stuck without choices. No one. Not making a choice is still choosing.

2 thoughts on “Stuck Without Choices

  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always mean there is a good choice in the options available.

    One of the most frustrating positions to me is when I’m in a place of picking between two options that I know are both bad options in different ways, and it’s a matter of deciding which type of bad I feel like i can handle best this round when I’d really rather have neither.

    That’s usually when I find myself most trying to stall making the decision hoping something new and at least somewhat less crummy than the current options comes onto the table…

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