Because It’s Normal!

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer sing a song that makes me laugh. Are we daughters who are just trying to stick it to our mothers as the song suggests? Is it because we are normal girls who were raised to be princesses by the moms who said they wanted equality? Then they figured out that equality wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and added burdens to their life?

Nancy White is the original writer and the lyrics to the song are:

Daughters of Feminists
(Nancy White)

Daughters of feminists love to wear pink and white
Short frilly dresses they speak of successes with boys,
It annoys their mom.
Daughters of feminists won’t put on jeans
Or that precious construction boot Mama found cute,
Ugly shoes they refuse. How come?
Daughters of feminists think they’ll get married
To some wealthy guy who’ll support them forever
Daughters of feminists don’t bother voting at all.
Daughters of feminists beg to wear lipstick
Each day from the age of three.
Daughters of feminists think that a princess is
What they are destined to be.
How do they get so girlie?
How come they want a Barbie?
Why does it start so early?
Why, when we bring her up just like a fella,
Who does she idolize? Cinderella!

(spoken) Honey she’s a doormat. You think when she marries that prince
he’s not going to expect her to run that entire castle? ..
Look at all those rooms. And he’s always on the road
Snow White? Doing all the housework for seven guys?
In return for room and board. This is no deal. Huh!

Daughters of feminists bruise so easily
Daughters of feminists hurt.
Daughters of feminists curtsey and skip
Daughters of feminists flirt.
They say, “Please mommy can I do the dishes?
And let’s make a pie for my brother!”
Are they sincere?
Are they crazy or
Are they just trying to stick it to mother?

How do they get so girlie?
And how come they want a Barbie?
Why does it start so early?

Daughters of feminists just want to play with their toys!

Copyright Nancy White

5 thoughts on “Because It’s Normal!

  1. I read an article in the Seattle Times once where a feminist wrote her discoveries about the differences between girls and boys. She said, “If you want to see a live illustration of these differences, go to a petting zoo, where the little girls want to pet the animals and the boys just want to chase them and scare them. You’ll hear the girls scream at the boys and boys laugh at the girls…and thus it begins.”

    She went on to say there might be more to this programming of the sexes than societal expectations, which she said was to blame for certain things like guns and whatnot, but generally the nature of the two didn’t necessarily depend on education. I laughed my butt off.

    1. Isn’t this just common sense though? Give a boy a action figure and immediately it’s in some sort of war, being thrown off in dive-like fashion off a table. Give a girl a Barbie (girl action figure) and she’s planning a party or a date or shopping. And hey, when Anthony was 2 I said no guns, no violence. He used his fingers to shoot people, then he used limbs and I realized it didn’t matter what I wanted he was a boy and guns were in his natural interests. His best toy ever was cap gun he got when he was 3. The only time he had no problem “hearing” his alarm were days when they were going hunting. It’s all hard wired in!

      1. Yup! And it’s funny (laughable) that those who defy a Creator and believe in evolution as the origin of species are the ones who fight our programming the hardest. You’d think that they would adhere to the “hunter/gatherer” mindset of the evolutionary model, but they fight it tooth and nail. If we are a sum of our influences with DNA being one of the most decisive, all this “reprogramming” won’t do anything but confuse a bunch of people who just need to be taught to care about others. That’s a better solution than forbidding to my way of thinking.

        My sister-in-law told me of a study which cited boys who had fathers who were personally involved with them versus those who didn’t. The boys who wrestled and rough housed with their dads were by far the more gentle and conscientious of the lot of them. Those who were raised by women alone were the most violent. Modeling interpretation is far more effective than mere teaching in words.

  2. I’ve read several studies that show that men raised by women tend to be more volatile. Men by nature don’t react emotionally to problems. They think more rationally, for the most part, then women do. That rough housing with their father, then laughing and getting over it is teaching a man how he is to react. They fix and go into warrior mode.

    Women on the other hand, get emotional, cry, get angry and the problem isn’t solved with a handshake or a punch in the nose. Men don’t know what to do with that, (ever see a man look helpless at the sight of a woman crying?). When men are taught to react emotionally they tend to be out of control of themselves. The emotion then causes them to react unnaturally, irrationally and ultimately more violently. I am going to have to look up these studies once again. They’ll make good blog material!

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