A Stepmom Can Dream Right?

I read

Eric Urbach’s article

and knew I had to share it!

When I read this excerpt I thought wow, this dad gets it!

It hit me at that moment that I had blown it. It wasn’t that I had specifically blown enforcement of the eating rule, but that I had communicated to my wife that what my son wanted outweighed the agreement she and I had made. I had also communicated to my son that the rule didn’t apply to him. Also, selfishly, I had also allowed my desire to avoid conflict get the best of me, but that’s probably another blog post.

One thought on “A Stepmom Can Dream Right?

  1. Now that makes sense. Even if I don’t agree with the rule necessarily, I believe showing respect for someone else is an important rule of conduct. The husband might not have seen anything necessarily wrong with eating in the living room himself, but it disturbed his wife’s chi so he needed to honor that. It’s something I’m attempting to teach my son: The rules we have together are one set while other people have another set altogether different and we honor theirs as well.

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