Hosting A Party


There are some great points to remember when you’re hosting a good party. As part of our Etiquette portion of the blog I want to write some of them down.

1. Make sure you plan your party out a few weeks in advance so you are as prepared as you can be.
2. Invite your guests ahead of time, at least a couple of weeks so that they can block the time on their schedule.
3. I always ask if there are things people don’t like or are allergic.

SIDE NOTE: For those of you going to a party, please tell the truth. I once had a party where someone didn’t eat fish and it was the main course. I wasn’t told. I would have rather have changed my menu then to have a guest not be able to eat the main course. It’s not rude to tell your host ahead of time what you can’t/won’t eat. They will appreciate being able to serve you something you enjoy.

4. Atmosphere is key! Checking your cell phone continuously, having a messy house, having the television on, not having guest towels and extra toilet paper in the bathroom, and cooking while your guest entertain themselves is not being a good host. Set the stage for a comfortable, and enjoyable time. Try to be on the back end of the prep when your guests arrive. This means planning your meals in advance, cooking the majority in advance and having your table set and ready. Time yourself, this isn’t the time to procrastinate. Be present!
5. Make sure you have enough drinks and food for everyone to eat as much as they’d like.
6. Pay attention to what is popular. I have a entertainment journal where I keep the favorite dishes of my regular guests.
7. Don’t be overly concerned with perfection. If you’ve prepped it all and cleaned ahead of time, you’ll be fine. Enjoy the time with your guests. If a dish doesn’t go over well, no big deal, you’ll know for next time!

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