One thought on “Preschool Profanity

  1. Well, I can think of plenty of reasons the world would like them to “grow up” fast—most of them sinister, sick and wrong.

    I have a friend who has a child about 2 yo. She wants to adopt children and have more, but she is oddly inattentive to her kid. The little one was playing on a play structure by herself while mommy sat on the second story deck talking with the adults, when she broke her arm falling off the ladder. While my friend was in shock and suitably upset with herself for neglecting her child, she still shows a seemingly lack of understanding that these little ones need constant attention and don’t go from 0 to 13 when they begin walking.

    I also think the world at large is rushing our children into adulthood because those in the media who deal in advertising know a child inspires parent’s buying power.

    The quieter their development the more thoroughly they learn to live.

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