2 thoughts on “Tips To Building Wealth

  1. i like this article, but try teaching how to budget to a teenager and you’ll want to pull all your hair out. I am so frustrated. He spends all his money on shoes, we have been trying to tell him for a year to save for a car, save for insurance, save for college. I come to conclude that he just doesn’t get it, and I tell him that and he thinks he’s doing fine. ugghhhhhhhh. he has very little money b/c he is always spending it. has anyone seen the cost of college lately…. I can’t teach him by controlling his money for him, he has to learn how to do it, but he isn’t learning it…

    1. I know, I know. Boy! Do I know! I have one who is almost 18, and thinks money magically appears! Honestly, her father and I agree that if she doesn’t get a clue soon, we won’t be able to send her away to college, she’ll have to attend a local JC. The average college student runs out of the money in the first six weeks of school, according to an article I read where they polled Deans at colleges across America. Six weeks!! The deans also said that the parents end up sending more money instead of teaching a lesson. So most of us aren’t teaching the valuable lessons they need. Sad!

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